Who are we?

PortalEducation caters for all academic branches. The aim of PortalEducation is to become one of the primary international publishers of academic works, and publish books in different languages.

PortalEducation specializes in academic books in the Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Engineering and Architecture, covering the complete spectrum from monographs to student textbooks. Grupo Portal (Portal Publishing SL) has its headquarters in Valencia, Spain, with publishing offices strategically located in Berkeley, Buenos Aires, Dublin, and Wivenhoe.

PortalEducation is characterised by top editorial boards, meticulous editions, worldwide distribution of physical books and e-books, and a permanent stock of publications.

All series are peer-reviewed, which means that all submitted proposals will be evaluated by at least two external anonymous readers and one member of the editorial board. Two favourable votes will be needed for any proposal to pass this first stage and be submitted to an in-house evaluation on behalf of the editorial board of advisors.

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