The American West: desert and water. Rural and urban. Bounded and unrestrained. Lived and experienced in the form of word, image and sound. Here and there. This volume gathers the work of scholars from both sides of the ocean who analyze the American West and its culture from different perspectives, each of them with unique insights. They all depict the intimate closeness that erases the tangible distance of physical spaces. Parting from the assumption that music, images and words are essential cultural transnational tools of communication, the editors have conceived this book as a set of three music singles which evoke their own past imagined (probably false) construction of the West but which, similarly, represent their present understanding of it. Each of the three records/singles/chapters that conform the book serve, thus, to (re)shape a more accurate, more contemporary West to the one that they once imagined and believed to be true. And, as in the old, longed records that the editors of this book kept as a treasure, each of the three records/singles/chapters adds a “bonus track,” a step beyond, a different and original, bonus view of the space, the travels to and through the West, and the sounds and images of the West. In this book, the American West becomes many wests. With personal images, peculiar sounds and genuine words, the combination of the works by different authors from different cultural contexts aims at unveiling another West, different to other Wests: a transcontinental, transtextual West.

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